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Emotional Brain Training (EBT) is a simple clinically proven method that lets you tap into the power of your emotions to convert stress and experience joy – in minutes.

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1-2-3 JOY!

Switch off cravings with EBT, a proven drug-free weight solution.

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1-2-3 Joy for Self-regulation (Spiral Up)

Joy is our natural state of being.

Stress disrupts our state of joy and harms our physical and emotional wellbeing.

But here's the good news: EBT disrupts stress, allowing us to spiral up and return to a state of joy!

With EBT (Emotional Brain Training) you learn simple skills that give instant results, and no matter what is bothering you, you clear stress and feel good again, all within minutes.

Whenever you’re stressed, just SPIRAL UP!
Here’s How It Works:

1. Learn skills that give you the power to transform stress into joy in minutes.

2. When you feel anxious, crave carbs, feel lonely, or are in any pain, Spiral Up to get relief.

3. Want support? Drop in for a LIVE session with a Certified EBT Provider.

4. Notice that over time Spiraling Up becomes natural and automatic.

5. Use the Spiraling Up to experience a new zest for life, lasting weight loss and better health.

Over 500,000 people have decided to find peace and SPIRAL UP TO JOY.


It's Convenient

Reach for the SPIRAL UP app instead of eating, drinking or spending and gain control of your habits on the spot.

Stress Reduction

Experience less anxiety, fewer cravings, and more joy daily with techniques that rewire that brain for lasting results.


EBT is based on the latest neuroscience and has been proven to decrease stress and improve mood, weight, relationships, and health.

Anxiety • Stress Overload • Depression • Overeating • Trauma

Scientifically Validated Benefits That Last

In a study conducted at UCSF, participants had improved their health at 3 months and these improvements were sustained at 2-year follow-up.


Spiral Up as Medicine.

Stress causes anxiety, depression, trauma, overeating, obesity, physical pain and chronic disease. It is a major contributing factor to the six leading causes of death. Chronic stress is a poison—spiraling up with EBT is the antidote.

While the thinking brain controls your thoughts, the stress circuits in your emotional brain control your health. By becoming skilled in using the techniques of EBT to take charge of these circuits, you exert more direct and immediate control over your physical and emotional health.

EBT is based on science, giving you a way to switch off the reactive circuits that create stress and harm, and switch on the resilient circuits that promote peace and healing.

By tapping into the power of your emotions each time you use EBT to spiral up, you change your biochemistry, feel more vibrant, and improve your health and zest for life.

Founder of EBT

Dr. Laurel Mellin

Dr. Mellin is a health psychologist who founded and developed emotional brain training (EBT) as an associate clinical professor of family and community medicine and pediatrics at the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Mellin has authored research papers on the science and efficacy of EBT and is a New York Times bestselling author of 10 books on the method.

A Life-Changing Program

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  • The Spiral Up app, featuring the 1-2-3 Joy Program
  • Daily SPIRAL UP live groups with Certified EBT Providers
  • A weekly Zoom session with EBT’s founder and creator, Dr. Laurel Mellin
  • Access to the complete EBT Program Library with hundreds of videos


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.98 average
213 reviews

EBT has changed my life on so many levels; first with letting go of using food and overspending. I no longer use prescriptive meds for chronic anxiety. My body mass index is down to 24, my resting heart rate is down from high 80's to 70 and I feel healthier than ever. I'm eternally grateful for EBT.

Susan F.

Portland, OR

EBT came at the right time when I had just been diagnosed with cancer and l was completely overwhelmed. I believe in the science that backs the method, but the real "proof" for me that it works has been the transformation in my self-confidence, ability to manage stress, and, yes, experiencing joy in my life. 

Carrie S.

Los Angeles, CA

I used the Spiral Up techniques to clear my stress and the weight started coming off. EBT acts like a natural appetite suppressant. I haven’t “dieted” and I am losing weight without drugs or therapy. This method is magical.

Melissa M.

Seattle, WA

I can't overestimate how much of a difference EBT has made in my life. Despite having an important job, I used to be extremely unhappy, just a general grump. EBT gave me the support and the tools I needed to be a generally happier person, which made the people around me happier, too.

Dr. Lynda F.

San Diego, CA